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I’m posting this because I enjoy meeting new people and because many of the great technical people I meet are curious about working at Google. If we’ve spoken at a conference and you think I have forsaken you, please don’t fret. Email me your resume, remind me who you are, and I’ll add you to the voracious technical employer that is Google. I want you to work here and do well. Really, I do. To help, a few handy links to things people much smarter than I have written.

Here’s the official corporate video:

Stevey’s Hilarious Post about what to expect and how to prepare.

And finally, if you’re really serious about being a computer scientist, work through this book:

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – 2nd Edition (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Which you can also find free on the web. (As my my vanpool buddy says “Just Bing it.”)

You might also want to work through this:

Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition

If I interview you, you’ll be a leg up on most candidates if you read: Design Patterns. Seriously, do people think about this stuff anymore?

And for massive extra cred:

Art of Computer Programming, The, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set (2nd Edition) (Vol 1-3)

Work hard, and read Outliers: The Story of Success, which explains why I’m not actually kidding with my link to Knuth.

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  1. Jon Stewart

    Don’t read Outliers… just take Samuel Goldwyn’s quote to heart: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

    Some fantastic criticisms of Gladhand…

    Steven Pinker:

    Richard Posner (originally in The New Republic, but the formatting’s been messed up):

    And, El Reg, doing what El Reg does best:

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